HUMZEE offers exceptional products supporting correct development of your child’s senses.

Humzee cares about a good mood and peaceful sleep of your child

The toy collection emits a humming sound – Humzee

The Humzee Toy has been designed for children, who have sleeping problems when their mother isn’t around. Inside the toy, there is a module that emits a humming sound similar to the one the child hears inside the mother’s belly. It allows the child to calm down and feel safe. It comforts the baby even during infantile colic. All you have to do is put Humzee next to the little one and turn it on. That’s all. The humming sound turns off automatically after 30 minutes.

Humzee is sewn in Europe

Humzee is sewn in Europe from materials of the highest quality, it’s free of allergens, exclusively certified, and completely safe to use even from the first days of the child’s life.

Humzee is a collection of sensory bedclothes and blankets

Apart from the designed toys that will calm your baby down, Humzee will also take care of your child’s comfort during sleep.

Humzee has created a fabulous collection of bedclothes, blankets and duvets. In addition, it has also designed cot bumpers, so that your baby could rest calmly and safely.

Humzee is a collection of infant products

Humzee has designed a whole assortment of infant products such as: swaddling wraps, rollers and nursing pillows that were made from certified materials, safe from the first day of the child’s life.


We have a variety of sensory toys and HUMZEE infant and child products in different patterns and colours.